Journal of Biobased Chemicals publishes original research articles and review articles on the basic knowledge, technology, application, and management of biobased chemicals processing. The aim of this journal is expanding knowledge and advancing development in the related study about bioresources and biomass utilization and bio-waste treatment.

The scopes of this journal include the following topics:

  • Components extract from bioresources
  • Chemical and physical processing of biomass
  • Biobased materials and composites
  • Biobased energy production
  • Catalyst technology for biomass conversion
  • Biological processing of bioresources, chemicals, and waste
  • Treatment of biobased chemical waste
  • Application of the biobased chemical products to the target users
  • System analysis, management, and environmental protection of biobased chemical processing

This journal does not consider the topics about organic chemicals from non-organism, crops and breeding, organism modification, metabolic engineering, bioresources, and environmental management which do not relate to biobased chemical processing. For more information